• Yoga Class

    Yoga Training
    Yoga Class

    SAY Fitness Yoga

    We offer yoga students a variety of yoga classes such as Hatha Flow, Power Yoga as well as Private Classes. We encourage all yoga practitioners at any level to come experience the positive energy and welcoming community at SAY Fitness Studio!  Our Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) are experienced and know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

    At SAY, we guide your yoga journey while understanding that everyone has their own pace. It's not about being perfect or judging your practice, it's about building a community that will help you grow and work together to achieve the same goals. We pride ourselves on teaching a safe physical practice and want to help you build on your health and fitness foundation including flexibility, strength and breathing.

    Yoga props and mats are provided in our large studio space to help you in your practice.

    We look forward to sharing the beautiful gift of yoga with you and hope to see you on the mat soon!  Namaste’

  • Indoor Cycling

    Challenge yourself
    Indoor Cycling

    Whether you are new to indoor cycling or a seasoned practitioner, we have a class for you. Our 13 classes per week are composed of a variety of profiles that range from endurance, strength, free-style, intervals etc. Each profile is designed to give you a different workout every day by changing the basic variables into the perfect workout formula (pace, resistance, posture, speed).

    Additionally, we mix the music ourselves for each profile to intensify your engagement with the class and we make sure to include great music to make this 45 minutes challenge a lot of fun. However, we are open to suggestions if there's an empowering tune you'd like to listen to during a class.

  • Boot Camp

    Be stronger
    Boot Camp

    High-intensity inspired workouts that will push you to your limits and help you achieve new fitness goals! Whether you're a beginner or a season athlete.  Our boot camp well challenge you.  With modified exercise for the beginner more advanced training for the season athlete.  If your goal is weight loss, better endurance, build strength, having better flexibility or just living a healthier lifestyle at SAY FITNESS STUDIO we have you covered.

  • Zumba